To Do

There is so much to see on beautiful Kauai. It’s a diverse island complete with mountains, canyons, beaches, and forests. Outlined below are a few of the popular things we recommend checking out.


Natural Sights

Fern Grotto:

This grotto was formed millions of years ago by lava. The ferns grow all around it, even upside down from the ceiling. To get there it’s a 2 mile boat journey up the Wailua River. On the way you’ll see lush rainforest full of exotic Hawaiian flora the guide will be able to point out places of interest as well.

Waimea Canyon:

Called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” this large canyon has gorgeous views of both the island and the surrounding islands. Hike or drive to each lookout point to gaze upon the extraordinary sights around the canyon.

Na Pali Coast:

16 miles of coastline on the North Shore offers pristine beaches, sea cliffs, and deep valleys. Hike the 11 mile Kalalau Trail to see everything offered, from cliffs and waterfalls to valleys and beaches.

Spouting Horn Park:

On the South Shore the waves create a blowhole in the rocks, shooting out water up to 50 feet high. It’s somewhere in between a geyser and a whale although completely powered by waves. It has spectacular sunsets and between November and May, humpback whales can be sighted.

Wailua Falls and River:

Wailua Falls is an 80 foot waterfall in the middle of the Wailua River with a history full of hawaiian royalty and the TV show Fantasy Island. Hike up to the falls and from there, the river calmly weaves through jungle and is great for boat tours or kayaking.

Poipu Beach Park:

Since it was named one of America’s Best Beaches by the Travel Channel, this beach is the most popular with tourists. It offers many activities like swimming, snorkeling, and diving, as well as sunbathing, whale watching, and sunsets. Hawaiian Monk seals also populate the beach and waters.

Sleeping Giant:

This is a mountain ridge that resembles a sleeping giant. There is a viewing area at the Chevron Station in Kapaa.

Hanalei Bay:

Like Poipu it was rated as America’s Best Beach by Dr. Beach. A legendary surf spot and a great place to hang out with more than enough to do, this bay is a picturesque white sand beach surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

Other Sights

Helicopter Tours:

Enjoy the amazing views of the island from high above. Helicopter tours are a great way to see the sights on the island. Act like you’re playing around on Google Maps or Earth and start out from above and then zoom in with a hike or vehicular tour.

Kilauea Lighthouse:

A great photo op sight, this 100 year old lighthouse is on the northern most tip of Kauai. It’s also home to many exotic seabirds.

Kilohana Plantation:

This old sugar plantation, built in 1936 by sugar baron Gaylord Parke Wilcox, is one of the best examples of Hawaiian plantation era architecture. Complete with a restaurant and tours, the mansion is a fun experience for the whole family. Tour a working farm, sample pineapples and papayas, shop for hand-crafted Hawaiian products, and ride on the vintage train or horse-drawn carriage. Luaus are also frequent at the plantation.

Puakea Golf Course:

The 7,000 yard course, designed by Robin Nelson, is set at the base of Mount Ha’upu. Hawaiian scenery is not absent from this course either, it features streams and ravines, as well as breathtaking views of the Pacific.

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